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The one system GC’s & Subs can agree on!


We know what it’s like to be a General Contractor and be the quarterback of the Construction Process. We also know that this can create bottlenecks where a large amount of information can be centralized down to one project engineer’s desk if you’re not careful. Your job is hard enough without trying to coordinate 8 different software programs to manage your job. Roots facilitates communication between all the key players in a construction project from the estimators, subcontractors and superintendents to the accountants, owners and architects to eliminate these bottlenecks. That way every team member has the information they need and can collaborate with one easy to use cloud-based system.


Sometimes we forget that lost in all the contracts and paperwork, ultimately the projects we build get done because a craftsman put materials in the right place.  If you don’t have a way of managing those two things, nothing gets built. With Roots Labor and Production tracking, Subs can make sure they are managing their most valuable asset – their craftsman.  With change estimates, T&M management and a system that includes accounting and estimating, Subs can make sure they get paid for what they are owed and adjust estimates to reflect what it actually costs to build.


When you work for government agencies, processes are everything.  With customizable workflows and forms built to match the various department forms, Roots allows contractors to streamline the many requirements built in to doing work for the government.


We have to admit we love playing in the dirt. We can help you keep your iron busy and producing.  Our equipment module, along with our digital time cards for labor and equipment, makes sure you keep your equipment productive and billable.  No matter how much you wish you could do it all yourself, you still have to manage subcontractors.  Roots is the only fully cloud/web based system that allows for a full suite of general contracting features plus all the production tracking and equipment modules that you need to manage your work – all in one system!