Construction Apps & Software Integration

We provide a truly integrated platform.

roots software and quick books

Quickbooks Enterprise

Roots will push and pull invoices using Roots Paperless AP System, Projects/Jobs, Receivables/Pay Applications, Estimates/Budgets, and Roots has full Work In Progress Reporting to accrue Over/Underbillings. With Roots Software Accounting Suite, Roots not only integrates, but can supplement accounting gaps required for larger construction companies such as a WIP’s, Subcontractor Compliance, Payment Controls, Digital Time Cards and Paperless AP etc. so that a growing company can keep the accounting system they are used to.

Construction Accounting Software - Timesuite Toolbox

Timesuite Toolbox

Roots is fully integrated with all Timesuite’s, functionality, including: Prime Contracts, Subcontracts, Owner and Sub Change Orders, WIP Reporting, AP Invoices, AR Pay Applications, Time Cards and Payroll. Our Digital Time Card and Paperless AP Systems sync automatically with Timesuite.

roots software and oracle textura integration


Integrations linking subcontracts, subcontract change orders and pay applications between the two systems to eliminate duplicate entry.

Accounting System not listed?

We are working on new integrations all the time, so call us to see if we have an active integration going with your accounting system that’s not completed yet. If not, we will add your accounting system integrations for free as long as they have an API and we can review the API to ensure it is comprehensive. More in depth integrations tying directly to native databases are available upon request.